Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day weekend - fishing around part 1 of 2

About a month ago, some family and I had planned a float trip down the lower wilderness section of the Buffalo River over Labor day weekend.  Well the weather (area was under a flash flood watch) was not favorable for a float trip so we decided to head to Lake Ouachita and stay in a family fishing camp near the Buckville area.  My plan was to fish the lake Sunday (part 1).  Then on Monday, I'd fish a different lake on my way home (part 2).  The fishing wasn't the greatest but the scenery more than made up for the lack of fish...haha...no it didn't!!  C'mon man I'm all about the fish...but I did take some photo's to highlight the majestic views.

Not a bad view...see any fish?

The fishing: started w/ the 5wt.  Had high hopes of running into some schooling bass and really wanted to see if the stripers were in the area?  Found shad all over the place...huge packs all huddled up strategizing on how to remain alive during the mass feeding that I suspected would be taking place shortly.  I camped on the buffet for an hour...but it never happened.  Guess the bass were waiting for the Saints game to come on...that's next Sunday silly bass!!  SO, I was forced to pound the rock bank looking for bass b/c they didn't come to the buffet.  No LM's but the Rock Bass were eager to play.

After an hour of catching them, the wind kicked up to about 15mph and was gusting to 20mph.  Boat control became a real issue...flinging REALLY sharp hooks around your head, in 15mph winds, from a moving kayak seemed like a bad idea.  Away the fly rod went and out came the baitcaster.  No change in fishing...just a float trip at this point.  After another hour we arrived at a creek that feeds into the lake.  I had been waiting for this.  Got the fly rod back out and made a few false casts then something weird happened...the end came unbuttoned and....wait a minute it's still attached...yea you guessed it, it BROKE above the 4th eye.  Now my 2 piece is a 3 piece...awesome!

View up the creek and my new 3 piece.  

Well that simplified my equipment decisions.  I went with a swimming fluke and managed 3 pickerel and 1 little spotted bass.

Some interesting rock formations along the creek.

Shoal crossing leading to a deep pool.

Road to the take out...got a little rain this weekend.

If you don't have 4wd don't bother...it's remote up here.  
No great bass stories but the scenery was spectacular and when it was all over I got to play in the mud a little!!!  Any time on the water is a GREAT time!!! 

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