Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hot weather, slow Bass bite - salvaging the day!

Got back out on the water again today.  When I checked the forecast last night, it said it would be hot, no surprise.  But when I checked it again this morning before leaving, the predicted winds had gone from 8-10 mph to a breezy 10-15 mph...SURPRISE!!  I had packed the 8wt but b/c of the winds never attempted a presentation (sustained at 10 gusting to 15).  Fishing from a kayak in windy conditions can be a challenge...but not impossible.  So plan "B" it is...umm...did someone, ME, tell plan "B" it was game on.  Nope..."Fish Brain" strikes again.  For those that aren't familiar w/ "Fish Brain"...imagine forgetting a VERY important item on fishing day b/c you're all-consumed with the thought of fishing.  Example, you could forget your paddle, or sun glasses, or was my trusted artificial bait of choice.  I had a new package of "game changers" sitting in my truck, however, I was fishing from my prized Jackson Cuda...not helpful from the truck.  So I went with what I had...all chewed up, put away wet, and funky lookn left overs from previous trips.  I don't throw away my used soft plastics...I set them aside and store them.  Why? I know I suffer from "Fish Brain" I prepare to be unprepared..."1 is none, 2 is one!"

Not sure if it helps or hurts the flavor to store, Gulp, Zoom, Powerbait, Yum, and any other used plastics together but here is how it went today:

First fish hit an olive colored plastic.  Estimated time in flavor concoction, 2 weeks.  Drawback of old baits, they don't last long.  1 fish = 1 soft plastic retired permanently.  Next up, same colored soft plastic (time in juice, ~5 months).  Got a couple good hits but no connections.  It wasn't fishable after it was ripped in half.

Replaced with black/blue soft plastic (time in juice, ~1 week).  Fish seemed to like it and after a few casts, fish on and in my hand.  Not a huge fish but I'm no fish snob...I like'em all.

Decided to explore some new water so I paddled deeper into the refuge before I started fishing again.  I like the new area and the fish were there...managed 2 more on green/red flake soft plastic (time in juice, ~3 weeks).  Had to change b/c, I lost my last 2 black/blue plastics along with 2 tungsten weights after getting hung on the bottom...TWICE!!  That seems to happen more with recycled baits...big down side of my recycling program (tungsten isn't cheap).

It wasn't the most ferocious action and I didn't catch any monsters, but having a successful outing using only old chewed up, seen their better days, soft plastics was an exciting challenge.  One I hope to never repeat...but know I will.

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