Sunday, October 15, 2017

Streamers in the swamp

My local water is one of those places you'll never see many people.  Lets not even talk about the chance of seeing another person throwing a fly.  I'm sure it happens but the refuge is 65k acres and there's a few cypress trees to block the view.

But those trees and the isolation are what make it special.  So much water to fish.  And you never know what you'll catch.  It's a maze and obstacle course, that make fly fishing from a kayak exciting.  Here's a short video that better illustrates what I'm trying to explain.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Kayak Bass Fishing

It's been a awhile since I chased bass with conventional tackle.  My recent knee surgery has made standing and fly fishing for extended periods of time out of the question.  But I can sit and fish all day.  Last week, the knee felt stronger so I was able to stand up and fish for a few hours.  One day was frustrating but the other was fantastic.  Here's a short video that sums up the two days.  On a side not; I'm enjoying the conventional side again.