Friday, September 12, 2014

UPS be damned...I fish on!!

Let me start this off we a recap of the last 2 days.  After a slow trip on Wednesday, I made a plan to fish today.  Partly to fish just ahead of the cold front that is pushing south and partly to break in my new 5wt that I ordered from Cabela's...being delivered on Thursday.  Like most good plans, Thursday arrived and the plan deflated quickly when I arrived at my house and found the package that my new TFO was residing in completely destroyed...might as well have been a casket.   New TFO 4 piece, now a 5 piece and going on 6 piece's...nice try UPS, but I'm still going fishing.  My probably won't hurt my casting skillz!!

UPS delivered rip completely in half and taped back together, C'mon man!

Big surpirse, the contents are damaged.

So after UPS tried to sabotage my fishing trip I had to make a new plan.  No problem, I have a brand new package of "Game Changers" still waiting from the last trip.  Got out to the refuge around 8:15 am and discovered the wind wasn't too bad.  Would have been a great day for a fly rod.  I decided to go north into the wind so that it would be at my back when I was leaving.

Making my way through the pads.

The bite was VERY slow and not what I was expecting.  It was the eve of the cold front, temp 68F, overcast and almost dark, perfect conditions...I thought anyway.  I caught 1 small bass around 11am.

Had a few more bumps but no hook ups.  It went like this until about 12:30pm....and then it went crazy.  I found a long wind swept tree line that was sitting in about 2 fow and fell into 5 fow and the bass were stacked up along the edge of the trees.  After 10, I stopped counting or taking pictures but I'm sure I caught over 20.  Just not enough time for pics today.  They weren't the biggest and almost looked identical...just a school of 13-15 inch bass.  Lost 2 that were probably 2.5 lbs...but no real giants today.  Just real fun catching.

This dude hasn't missed a meal..look at the belly.

Had to be home by 3 pm and I had a 2 mile paddle I reluctantly put the tree line behind me and started paddling back to the launch.  It's tough to leave just when you think the pre-front bite is turning on.  But I know how fortunate I am to fish as often as I at the school I must be by 3!!!  Hope this is the start to a fall feed up!!  Next adventure being planned...going to be fun!!

If interested here's the track from today's trip.  Forgot to turn it the last mile is not on water, lol.
Sept 12 track

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