Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bass on the fly

Had a few hours available yesterday afternoon so I decided to pack up the cuda and 8wt and head to my local body of water.  The bite was slow but picked up as the sun faded.  Ended up catching 5 bass and 2 carp on poppers. 

Hooked this carp 1st
Carp were super aggressive. I had my fill after 2 and had to pull the bug away from a few others in hopes of not spooking off my main target...BASS!! 
Nice fight but I'm looking for the green guys

Finally found the bass
 Not a bite for an hour but at 7pm the
bass came out to play. And they were hungry.
Largest of the day and he tail walked all around me
Ran out of daylight and packed up in the dark.  When the bite is good you can't leave early.