Friday, October 14, 2016

Overnight trip to the Little Red River

The temperatures are falling and the days are getting shorter.  It's time to get out and chase some trout.  That's the idea a buddy and I had a few weeks back.  We made a plan to hit the Little Red River at the end of October.  Like most long range fishing plans, it quickly fell through.  After discussing the, not many, options with our significant others a new plan was put into effect.

The boat was loaded with 4-9 weights.  The cooler was packed with calories and attitude enhancers.  Dozens of fly condos were included, everything from 8" double articulated streamers to size 22 emergers found their way onboard the hog island.  We were covered for high water or no water...

Luck was on our side and the predicted generation schedule was actually, accurate.  We waded the shoals during the morning hours and threw streamers in high water each afternoon.  It was an interesting trip.

The mornings were very productive, which made it easy to foolishly throw every streamer in the boat during the afternoon.  The blue bird skies had the browns on lock down.  I had two really nice fish rush out and give the illusion of interest only to disappear back into the flow.  That's the game...

Aside from he normal residents, two lost tourist were found near the dam.  The first nearly pulled the 6wt out of my hand when it ate.  My heart was pounding with the excitement of a potentially huge trout running away from me.  I gave chase and attempt to turn it, that's when I saw the silver flash under the surface, his identity was no longer a secret.  A hybrid bass had stolen my joy.

I guess watching me stumble across the slippery rocks was entertaining to the fish because the next eat I got was from a smallmouth bass.  However, he didn't have the strength to get my heartrate up or confuse my senses.  In fact, there wasn't much of a charade at all.  Smallmouth bass aren't coy.  It immediately surfaced, as if to say, "I'm the coolest fish in the little red."  Maybe so...

Like I said, "it was an interesting trip."  I'm really looking forward to the Fall fishing season.  More people in the woods hunting and less people on the water...that's why I love Fall!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Finalist in the Orvis "20 Days in September" contest

Very excited to learn that the photo below was included as a finalist in the "20 Days in September" contest.  Here's the back ground on it.

The day before I was editing another shot for my video and I noticed how cool a splash down shot I had was and the final shot was hatched.  It wasn't the same view but I could tell with some tweaking...filtered sun light, finding the right background, etc.. I had a cool vision in my head but I only had one day to accomplish it.  This was my day 20 photograph.  Friday morning I dropped my girls off at school and drove to a spot I knew would place the sun behind me without overexposing the camera.  I was a little anxious, not something I've ever experienced with photography, because I was literally fishing for a shot.  After I had the camera in the right location.  I backed off and realized I needed to get this right or it was never going to work.  The challenge was to accurately cast close enough to the lens to capture the splash but not splash the camera and leave water marks on the lens.  It took about 10 minutes from set-up, paddle out, cast and repeat (just in case I splashed the lens).  Then I went fishing because that's what this challenge was really about.  When I looked at the footage later that day I instantly realized I had captured the imagine in my head.  That in itself is reward enough.  Most of my photographs are after thoughts, captured after the fact, but this one was planned.  This challenge really inspired me and I believe that was the true nature of the Orvis "20 Days in September" contest.

To be clear I'm not soliciting any votes.  However, I've seen the photographs and they are really good.  I followed Mike Sepelak's of Mike's Gone Fishin...Again 20 day journey and was excited to see one for his photos included.  So, here's the link and if you decide to vote, you'll be entered to win an Orvis "Safe Passage Sling Pack."  You can vote for your 3 favorites here: