Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day weekend - fishing around part 2 of 2

Alright, if you hung around after reading part 1 of this story then you deserve to hear how good the fishing was on Monday.  Woke up early, earlier than expected, about 1 am on Monday and started the drive south.  At this point I have had about 10 hours of sleep all weekend and I was scheduled to meet my brother at 4 am.  I wish I could rest the night before a fishing trip but it never happens.  I guess my non-fishing days are meant for resting.  He was waiting right where we agreed, along with his shiny new ascend kayak that still needed a good fish slimming.   So were off and headed to my neck of the woods...lily pads and timber.  No more of that crystal clear water that I had fished on Saturday.

So we arrived to find the ramp vacant again.  It's about 3 ft low so boat navigation isn't easy but no issues for a yak.  At times it can be like bumper cars, bouncing off all the unseen tree tops.  Or having them impale my scupper holes...that's a real joy!!! But its quickly becoming my favorite place to fish.

1st fish a nice 6lbr - time for a cold one, days a success.

As far as the fishing, it's still producing a good amount of bass and a few have some size.  This was my first bite and first fish of the morning.  When you get a 6lb bass that early in the morning, it takes the pressure off the rest of the day.  Fishing for fun from that point on.

2nd fish ~2.5lb way up in the pads
But the bass were active all day so I didn't have to convince myself I was having a great day.  We had to deal with some wind but it didn't slow the catching down.  We both ended up with 5.  I lost 3 in the pads b/c I couldn't get to them soon enough.  Missed a few more on lazy line management...too much slack.  But no complaints, the fishing was awesome.  Only wish I had my 5wt to try and catch a few of the giant bluegills that kept tearing my plastics all to pieces.  Thanks for the nice assortment of plastics with only 1 or 0 pinchers.   I'm com'n back for you gills...be warned.  Just got to pick out a new 5wt...with a lifetime warranty.

More adventures in the works.  Got to get back to SELA and stalk some reds, it's been almost a month since I saw a red that wasn't in my freezer.  It's getting close to Fall fishing...lookn forward to it!!!

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