Friday, September 1, 2017

A great week of fishing and surgery.

I'm going to make a long story short.  In June, just after returning from Wisconsin I was running beside my kids riding their bicycles when I felt a burning sensation in my knee.  After a few weeks of limping around and everyone in my family telling me to go see a Doctor I did.  The diagnosis was a sprained ______ ______ tendon (can't remember the name but it was painful) and a torn meniscus.  Surgery was scheduled in August.

For the rest of the summer I limped around and fished as often as possible.  Actually I went out daily just to exercise.  I wasn't able to run but having a kayak got me outside to exercise.  The week before school started was really great because I had 6 hours each day to go paddle and fish.  Spent a few of those days chasing bass and two of the them chasing carp.  Here's a short video I made during my first week after surgery.  Had to do something fishing related that week to keep from going insane.  Hope you guys enjoy it.  I have some other collaborations coming in the future.