Monday, February 10, 2020

Fly Fishing Arkansas and beyond...

So it looks like 2019 rolled right into 2020 without me really noticing much of a change in my fishing lifestyle.  Most of my recent adventures have been with-in 5 hours of my home, which has been great.
LMFR bow

Streamer eater from Norfork

My camping trips have been during the week to the Little Red, White, Norfork and Lower Mountain Fork River in OK.  The fishing has been great and the crowds have been cooperating but that's probably because I go during the week when responsible people are doing responsible things, like working.

But not me, I prefer to be irresponsible and spend my time on the water during the week and at home on the weekends.  I feel good about it!

LMFR bow

dry fly

With all the rains we've gotten in Arkansas lately, it has been nearly impossible to fish in the state.  I'm fortunate to have a lesser known, at least nationally anyway, tailwater in Oklahoma to visit.  The Lower Mountain Fork is pretty well know around the Texas, SW Arkansas parts but not many from outside that area will travel to fish it.  The great thing is they release from the spillway so even on high water months when the COE is generating there is wadeable water for about 5 miles.

You can also camp right next to the river so that's a real bonus also.  But the best part is the small catch and release area that has some large, beautiful holdover bows.  The river is also known for it's bug diversity and occasional dry fly fishing.  Basically, you can get into something that's pretty exciting on the LMFR If you don't mind sharing the water with a few strangers.

In fact, last week after fishing bwo dries to several rising bows, I was able to sight fish a exceptional rainbow during the last hour of day light.  It was truly, a cool experience and great day by any standard.

Next month, I have a trip planned to the San Juan, followed up by the White and hopefully a backpacking trip into the Great Smoky Mountains.  Those are just a few to get the season kicking.  Super excited about 2020 and hope you guys are also!

Latest YouTube Video from my first trip in 2020.  More to follow...

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