Friday, September 26, 2014

Felsenthal Water Trail

Had a few hours today, Friday, so I decided to try the water trail access at Shallow Lake.  It's about 30 additional minutes from my house and having never been I wasn't familiar with the area or specifically the fishing.  But, the only way to learn is to get out and get paddling.

Signs always help!

Found the sign but didn't really follow the suggested path.  It headed North and I followed that general direction but I was mostly lookn for fishy places to wet a line.  Found a few, and caught a few bass.

The area is changing from Summer to Fall.  Temps are lower, 65 this morning at the ramp, and leaves are beginning to change colors.

The refuges inhabitants are becoming more active...saw a few turkeys, 2 deer, and the bass are starting to school up...caught this one and had 3 follow it back to the yak.  If I had been fishing anything with more hooks I would have had a double on the same bait...haven't done that since I was a kid.

Only had a few hours to fish but I managed 3 and lost 2 so not bad for 3 hours of fishing.  I'll be back to really test the fishing shortly, it seemed to have a ton of possibilities, deep water, pads, and cypress.

Part of the water trail

Entrance to Fishtrap lake part of the water trail

Hut with a view 

When I got home I did a little more research and found this, with maps of 2 water trails:

Friends-of-Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge FB page

Looks like I have some more exploring to do....Felsenthal is a yaker's playground.

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