Tuesday, September 16, 2014

For all the good days there must also be some bad days...truth be told.

Keeping it real...not all trips are worthy of a post...today was one of those days.  Covered 6 miles of water today with the 8wt.  Not much to show for it except a catfish, gar, and 1 small bass.  Today was mostly an exploration as I ventured out further than I have in the past.  Can't say that I liked what I found, fish wise.  Mostly really shallow flats...less than 3 fow in most places and about the same in visibility.

Gar on the fly.

Started with a popper and had a huge carp take a swipe at it...but only at the feathers...so no hook up.  Switched to bait fish patterns and stayed with that the rest of the day.

Catfish on the fly

Bass on the fly
At the end of the day I came across a school of carp feeding on the surface and tried a small popper but this time they weren't interested, go figure.  Not every trip can be epic.

School of carp, you can see their heads above the surface.

Been on the watch for ducks, none spotted.  I did run across this decoy today.  Going to give it to my BnL.  The fish didn't respond like I would have liked, but slinging feathers is always fun.  Lookn forward to fishing the new TFO 5wt that arrived today.  Some cold water trout may be in my near future.

Track if interested: use the satellite view for accurate depiction of refuge.
9/16 Track


  1. Which tfo? I bought The Clouser a few weeks ago.

    1. Professional Series II. Took it to the LRR Sat and it performed as advertised. Great rod! How do you like the Clouser?