Friday, September 30, 2016

Orvis "20 Days in September" contest (days 13-20)

Challenge complete!  I found my way to the water, in some fashion, more than 20 days in September.  A few days were spent at the local city pond.  One day was with a friend helping teach his son how to fly fish.  Other than those days, the rest were experienced from my kayak.  This was not a fishing contest, but rather a creative escape.  I challenged myself to take intriguing photographs and not settle for grip-n-grins.  It was a great experience and really got the creative juices flowing.  Each image was deliberate (except day 5 - the turtle was waiting at the gate as I was leaving).  I had a view in my head each morning and set out to capture that image.  Hope you enjoy the photographs.  I certainly enjoyed taking them.

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Day 13

Day 14

Day 15

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

Sunday, September 25, 2016

South Arkansas bass fishing.

Kayak fly fishing isn't the same as fly fishing.  Loading, unloading, and paddling a 80lb kayak every day for most of the month can be exhausting  When that happens I go back to my old ways.  Here's a video of some fun bass fishing from last week.  Not complaining, I love kayak fly fishing...I just love fishing more.  Hope you enjoy...

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Orvis "20 Days in September" contest (Days 7-12)

 Here are the next 6 days worth of fishing photos for the Orvis "20 Days in September" contest.  What I've enjoyed most is trying to be creative with my photography.  At this point it's not really about the fishing, it's about the fishing photography.  Added the captions for context.  Hope you enjoy...

Day 7
You have to earn a seat in the AC. We'll try again tomorrow

Day 8
Soaking up those froggy vibes.

Day 9
I wasn't planning on fishing the litterbug hatch but it was too thick to pass up. Got a sack full and a big one. 

Day 10
 Hiding out. I took an enormous risk fishing today. It's my wife's birthday!

Day 11
Pick it up...put it down...

Day 12
 "Mama, there goes that man again." - Ray Lewis
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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Kayak Anglers Choice Awards

I'm honestly beyond excited to learn that 2 of my videos (The Glass Flats and The Fly Roadtrip) and my blog were included in the Kayak Angler Choice Awards (catagories 10&12). I can't say thank you enough to those involved!!  Any votes are greatly appreciated.  You don't have to vote in all categories for it to count.  Vote here:

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Just like the title says.

GIVEAWAY Time on my Facebook page  I've been extremely fortunate this year and wanted to say thank you to all involved.  As a way of saying thank you, Fayettechill Clothing Company has graciously provided this "Norfork Long Sleeve" (my favorite) from their new Fall/Winter 16 collection. One lucky winner will be chosen next Thursday, the first day of Fall, September 22nd.  All you need to do is go to my facebook page and do the following.  
....Here's what to do.....
1) Like my Looknfishy page.
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You're entered!
Don't forget to check out the new Fall/Winter 16 collection at 

I couldn't be more excited to be teamed up with Fayettechill....

Fayettechill is a family first and a brand second. We pride ourselves in being more than just co-workers. To us, Fayettechill isn’t simply a collection of products; it is the lifestyle we’ve always aspired to have.

We didn’t start this company as pro athletes or experts in the industry. We are a group of storytelling 20-somethings that are organically drawn to the outdoors. We simply run this company as a showcase for the way we think life can be lived. We are a cumulation of dreamers and drifters who didn’t necessarily grow up. We have a thirst for adventure, a calling to the unknown, and comfort with community. We share a passion to create and tell a story that inspires ourselves and others.


Fayettechill creates experience inspired apparel for outdoor enthusiasts around the world. The production of this apparel starts with a local community of manufacturing partners throughout Northwest Arkansas, United States, and overseas. Our mission is to create quality multifunctional products that allow our customers to fully engage in the lifestyle we present.

We are looking to create a product that maintains the high quality values of sustainability, art, and mastery. Through our initiatives to produce USA-made, organic, and recycled items, we have set the production of our products in a sustainable direction. On our clothing, we house more than just commercial graphics - we strive to showcase art. Fayettechill started with the notion that a product could serve as a canvas for a certain kind active art, one that has a purpose to inspire both the wearer and those seeing it. Every day we come to the Smokehouse with the goal to master the products we produce so that we can make them in a way that makes the lives of our customers easier, more comfortable, and consistently inspired."

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Orvis "20 Days in September" contest (Days 1-6)

I'm always looking for a good excuse, not really, to go fly fishing.  Well, if you haven't heard Orvis has given everyone a great excuse to go fly fishing.  The "20 Days in September" contest is live,, and I've been trying really hard to get as many of the 20 days in as I can.  The good news is you don't have to do all 20 to be eligible to win (see link above).  I'm not really doing it to win anything, I suspect most aren't, but rather the challenge of trying.  It's hard to find or make the time to fish 20 days out of the month...challenge accepted.  I've been out 6 days so far and here are the photos I submitted.  

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

See photographs for days 7-12
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Friday, September 9, 2016

Colorado - The End (part 3)

Before we left for Colorado we were given a heads-up from our guide Matt Millner of Yampa Valley Anglers (YVA) that our scheduled three days on the Colorado river might be a bust.  The bridges over the river were being updated and just little rain turns the river a wonderful shade of chocolate milk.  Matt told us not to worry, YVA would take care of us and they did just that.

After our day on the Elk river we contacted Matt and found out a new plan was in effect.  With rain in the forecast we decided to do a day on the Colorado, a day on the Roaring Fork, and a walk wade trip to show us several places we could return on our own and fish.

Monday night we meet Matt and Ryan Herbert, our other guide, in the Flat Tops.  Put the boats in the water and fished through an impressive storm.   We caught an insane amount of cutties and grayling.  It was super cool catching my first grayling.  Afterwards, we drove to what would be our campsite for the next 2 nights.  It rained the following three nights and temperatures dropped to near 40f.  The new plan seemed like a great idea.  Honestly, I was already excited about the new agenda because it meant visiting several rivers on our trip.

Tuesday we fished the Colorado.  Brad caught a brown on the very first cast.  Awesome man, now we're doomed, if you believe catching a fish on the first cast is bad luck.  You decide...

He followed that up with a dink fest.  Twenty minutes later I was victimized when a nice brown stole my dropper.  We pulled into an eddy and dropped anchor so that Brad can take a dunk in the drink and cleanse himself of the bad karma.  Suddenly, the left oar pulled a Michael Phelps and went for a swim.

Now the raft goes into controlled panic mode.  The anchor had snagged on something. Matt and I are on the starboard side fighting to free it.  Brad started freeing the spare oar from the port side.  While all that was going on, the good oar was drifting further down the Colorado river.

We finally dislodge the anchor.  Matt's rowing vigorously after the fugitive oar, when he said, "Man this is the best spot on the river for both size and numbers!"  We all crack a smile.

We reacquired the lost oar and immediately decided it was 5 o'clock somewhere.  It wasn't even 10 am but it had been a stressful morning.  After putting some balance back in our lives we started putting fish in the boat.  Matt took digs at our missed eats, poor technique, and our inability to cast 200 feet.  We took digs at his boating skills, his driving skills, and his inability to help us find a 30 inch trout.  The rest of the day was simply awesome.

When we got back to camp that night the guys from YVA had the fire going strong.  We set beside the fire eating steaks, baked potato and side salad discussing the next day's plan.  The early morning hopper bite wasn't great considering the 40f nights.  The suggestion was to be on the river around 10 am.  That would allow us to avoid the morning shove off and fish until dark (not the typical guide day).

I fished in Herbs boat on the Roaring Fork.  There was no relief from the good time we were having.  He mocked the missed eats and we criticized his inability to put us on a 30 inch trout.  In return, he made us eat bite sized snickers after every catch...we were miserable by lunch.  It was late when we got off the river.  No one was up for a campfire cookout.  Matt and Herb treated us to some fine Thai cuisine that night.

Thursday was the wade day and it didn't disappoint.  However, it wasn't about the quantity of fish caught but rather the experience.  We found fish rising and were able to do something I don't get to do very often, fish dry's to selective 18 and 20 inch rainbow's.  I broke off three good fish that morning, it was a humbling experience to say the least.

The last morning, we fished the Eagle river until just after lunch.  It was the only time on the trip that I fished a nymph under an indicator exclusively.  The last fish of my trip was a ~20 inch brown that made a 25 ft run away from me, jumped out of the water and broke me off.  I'll have to return and check on that dude next year.  Unless I can convince my wife to move to Colorado sooner!      

With all the negativity on social media I think it's important to also give credit when it's deserved.  In this case it would be the crew at Yampa Valley Anglers.  This was my first time fishing with a guide and I have nothing but positive things to say about Matt and Herb.  They went above and beyond to make our trip to Colorado a fantastic one.  They listened to what we wanted out of our trip and made it happen.  If you're looking for a guide in the Steamboat Springs, CO area give these guys a call, you'll be happy you did.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Colorado part 2 - The Elk River

Read part 1 to get caught up.

After disposing of the evidence we did the democratic thing and voted on which river to fish.  We arrived at the lower Elk just after 9 am.  No one knew exactly where to park and the first stop was a parking area full of vehicles unloading.  You could see the hesitancy on everyone's face, there's 20 cars here, and only a mile of river there.  Who voted for this crowded, over-fished stretch of river?  Turns out it wasn't the spot.  Here is where the insane people who like to ride bicycles up mountains park.

Less than a mile later we found the spot where crazy people who like to fly fish park.  The shoulder of the highway, with just enough room for a smart car.  We folded in the side mirrors and squeezed the suburban in no problem!  From the street, the river looked great and not another person in view.  The trail down to the river was an adventure but we all somehow made it in one piece.

The first words I heard were, "there's two guys that way, I'm going this way."  Well, that really limited the river.  I walked up and talked to the guys to my north.  Rumor was the fish were biting but none landed.  I continued on and explored the river.  It was a mix of shallow riffle with a few deep pools.  The fishing wasn't great that morning but a few were caught.  Including my first white fish.

The plan was to meet back at the truck around 1 pm for lunch and cast new votes.  As it turned out the river wasn't fishing all that great, the two guys from earlier were actually catching white fish.  The decision was made to move to the north section of the Elk and explore a more remote area.

The upper Elk was stunning in all ways.  The eyes would regularly wander from the river to the scenery.  But the best part for me was catching trout on dry flies and hoppers all day.  I dropped some random nymphs off the back but only caught a few rainbows and several white fish.  After the 4th white I decided to drop the dropper and just go double dry or hopper dry.  

The day ended far to quickly.  The sun and temperature were dropping fast leaving no choice but to call it a day.  I climbed up a small ridge to the road that bordered the river which allowed for an easy hike out.  Four friends walking along an empty stretch of highway with never ending mountain views, the soul of a beautiful river running below and recent memories of wild trout are a powerful thing.  My first full day of fly fishing in Colorado was going to be hard to beat but it gets better.

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