Sunday, July 26, 2015

The kitchen sink...

It's silly hot outside, but that's not what's keeping me from fishing.  All the rain that fell in MO and North AR had a huge impact locally and on the trout waters.  In short, the lakes in the northern part of the state are high...which means lots of generation.  No kayaking on the Little Red or the White.

favorite SMB fly's

Felsenthal NWR, which is my local water was also high, not now,'s located in the southeast part of the know what they say...S$#t rolls down hill.  And I don't have time to travel.  So...

This weekend, not putting my kayak in that!

Should look like this but Sh1t rolls south

It's time to start training for my next marathon, up to 39 miles this week.  Gonna run the Tulsa Route 66 marathon in November, this will be my 8th state (10th total)...hope to cross off all 50.  Obviously, I'll be fishing those states as I travel through them (so you want to subscribe to my blog  to see cool stuff).  Running and fishing through 50 states...that's the plan!  I like running in the heat...but I stay on the trails and bring the camelbak.  Earlier, I said it was silly hot, I really meant STUPID hot.  I'm an idiot for running in this, but I do dumb things when I can't fish...

If your running in the afternoon in July or August, stay near water and in the shade!

After I run, I bang out a few patterns.  Hoping to cash in on hopper season.  I know it's getting close when the grasshoppers start bouncing off my legs when I run...starting to happen!  Plenty of high water....get'n excited.  Put a few of my favorite SMB patterns at the top.  The popper is on it's last leg, literally.  Its been money early and late.

Fish'n is in the forecast...check back in to see how it goes (road trip planned).  In parting, I want to say....the cubs got "no hit" yesterday but I'm a Cubs fan for life.  Go Cubbies!!


  1. Drew
    Looking for the adventure coming soon, stay hydrated, in that heat, I use to be able to handle the heat, but not anymore, I wait for the cool part of the day for fishing and yard activities. Thanks for sharing

    1. I'm looking forward to it also. Not even sure which direction we'll head...waiting to see where the weather is best. I keep my CB full and on my back, so hydration is never an issue. As far as yard activities...I try to avoid those all together.

  2. Nice post, too hot for any outdoor activity in Dallas. Keep tying, stay cool.

    1. Thx Bill, that's the plan until a better plan comes along!

  3. If I ain't fishin', I ain't runnin'! Good luck buddy I'll be in the air conditioned house waiting to hear from you.