Friday, July 24, 2015

Weekly Man Therapy

In case you were under a rock and missed this...

If your name isn't, "Mick Fanning", you need to watch.

I've watched a lot of shark encounter (hate the word "attack") videos on YouTube, "Sharkweek" (my favorite week of the year), the news...I can't, not watch (but I'll never watch Sharknado)!  They all have a few things in common, lots of screaming, crying, and panic are seen/heard...understandable!  Check out Mr. Fanning's reaction..."cool as the other side of the pillow".  The only thing I question is his decision to climb aboard a jet ski when there's a 25' boat beside him....I'm get'n in the boat!

Who can honestly say, they wouldn't have been screaming like the "scapegoat" in...

He's got my vote for President.

On a side note, this is a perfect example of why, I don't eat anything, that can eat me.


  1. I guess pictures speak louder than words. This is exactly why I have never been in the ocean. The first time I saw a large tarpon I thought I'd never fish for something big enough to eat me.

    1. I hope to catch a Tarpon on the fly one day!! Did you see the clip "ASCENSION", Orvis had on FB? Sit down first if you haven't.