Thursday, July 16, 2015

Weekly Man Therapy

Saw this a few days ago and thought of a few guys that need to see it.  If you're on the list below, you need to watch this now and again before you go to bed.  It does have some colorful language...

1.  If you've ever "grinned" in a "grip-n-grin".  Nuff said.

2.  If you've ever fished in a "Bright Peach" colored shirt. (My wife owns a shirt in this exact color...just say'n)

3.  If you own a boat but don't know how to back it down a boat ramp.

4.  You're at a bar and say to your buddy, "You fly, I buy", then you ask for a Smirnoff Ice.  (You're wrong for ever drinking that and there's no chance in hell, I'm asking the hot chick behind the bar for a Smirnoff Ice.  Hope you like whiskey)

5.  Take the Keurig on a camping trip!  Last year a guy asked if I wanted a cup of coffee.  Sure, I love coffee.  He then, showed me the Keurig and the many flavors he had.  He was a scout leader on a BSA trip...lawd help us!

6.  You haven't been fishing in a month. (I'm getting close)

7.  You still can't tie a "Palomar" knot w/o watching YouTube first.

8.  On a recent fishing trip you told your wife you'd be home by dark, and you were!  (If your wife hasn't called the game wardens and reported you missing at least once.  Then you're coming home too soon!)

9.  Don't believe the SEC is the toughest conference in college football.

10.  Don't own a kayak.  Just messing...but seriously!

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