Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Not again...

David Knapp at The Trout Zone posted an interesting read today about winning some cool ice cleats from another blogger, Windknots & Tangled Lines. (The really cool bloggers give away free stuff - disclaimer...I'm not cool so...)  Anyway, back on point, David's post about ice cleats got me thinking about the Little Rock Marathon which happens a week from Sunday, March 1, 2015.  I'm running the half in 2015, I try to alternate between LR's full and half marathons and completed the full in 2014.  Now you're asking yourself...if you're still reading...what does this have to do with ice cleats?

Do I need to explain this?!

I'll share my thoughts.  Let's go back to 2014 and take a look at the weather.  It was suppose to be a warm start around 50F and cooling off as a strong front pushed into the area around noon.  Let's just skip to the point and say it was cold and raining when the race started and dropped to near freezing in a couple hours.

I really never understood the was obviously re-routed!!

The weather got so bad that the race directors decided to, some argue, "cancel" the race.  Other's believe it was "re-routed" to get runners off the course quickly.  I was lucky enough to have been past the cut-off point and avoided all the confusion.  Finished the race in under 4hrs, freezing cold and soaking wet, but still smiling!!!

Current forecast for Friday, Feb 27th.  Fun times!!

Fast forward to 2015.  I have been checking the 10 day forecast as I'm sure every runner does before a race, and surprise, looks like I might need to borrow some ice cleats (I noticed they fit around running shoes).  I understand it's way out there...but based off past experience, I'm planning on snow and ice.  AND, adding to the medal bouquet.

Last years "Epic" wouldn't fit into the vase.
There's a glass vase under there somewhere.  Little Rock puts on a great event.  I have run marathons in 7 states and can say LR is top notch!!  Did you happen to find the "unruly buggers" in the above picture (this is a fish'n blog, right)?  Their terrible, always get'n in my stuff!


  1. Drew
    I feel your pain, the weather here is a bummer as well; winter is my least favorite time of the year. Hope you guys make the marathon--thanks for sharing

    1. Thx Bill. It's my least favorite also. That's why I plan for a run and train during the winter. Gives me something to do while I'm waiting to fish!!

  2. Drew, Hats off to ya for running a marathon, cold or not! I thought of running one once...Only once! HAHAHAHA Stay warm buddy!

    1. Thx, I always try to trick my buddies into running with me. Same way I try to trick them into fishing with me....I'll pick'em up, stay right beside them, and laugh at'em when needed. Can't figure out why they won't participate. Maybe next time right?