Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Life in the way

I realized Saturday afternoon that it had been a few weeks since I had a fish in my hand.  Life has been keeping me busy, job stuff (not mine), family birthdays, a funeral, AND...my 14 yr anniversary to mention a few.  So a last minute trip was planned.  Nothing special I took my 5wt and 8wt, a few poppers and a clouser and stayed local.  I was thinking maybe I'd find a carp or 2, if I was lucky maybe a bass .  Not expecting much since it's August and the temps, although they have been mild, were still in the 90's.

On the drive I noticed it was clouding up...I was excited thinking that my best chance for a top water bite would be with some clouds or even a shower.  But as luck would have it upon arriving at my spot it was blue bird skies.  I even had to apply sun screen, go figure.

Hit the water and threw a clouser at all the fishylookn spots, timber, pads, deep structure without any interest.  Found bait balls all over the water.  I mean big giant shad...maybe 4-6 inches long.  Expected to see bass chasing the schools I camped on them, but that never happened...probably spent too much time waiting.  At about 6 the sun was setting low and shade was on the far bank so I tied on the popper and paddled over.  The wind picked up and was pushing me pretty good.  The rudder made it possible to make 1 good cast to a spot but I could only work the popper a few feet before it was well behind me.  Frustrating me in every way. Finally I turned into the wind and started my way back dropping my dumbbell anchor at every downed tree.  I did start catching fish but not what I was after.  The sunfish were very aggressive they'd attack the size 2 popper hard but couldn't get the hook...well 1 did.  So I audibled and went to a size 6 on the 5wt and caught sunfish...lots of sunfish...and it was LOTS of fun.  Wish I had a 3 wt but I don't...maybe in the future.

Very colorful and fun to catch.  Made note to pick up a 3wt for my future pursuits.
In many ways the fishing was uneventful but to me it was VERY rewarding and just what I needed.  Now that July has run it's course I'm eager for August and the ROAD TRIP that will have me chasing tail in SELA.

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