Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A plan comes together.

Last Friday I hit Felsenthal NWR for a few hours.  It was tough fishing but as the afternoon came to an end, I felt I had learned a few things.  Not wanting to waste the knowledge I worked hard for I made a plan to get back out there ASAP and test my plan out.  The time had come and today was the day.  Arrived at the same location in the refuge at 8am.  Unloaded and paddled south this time. Headed to an area I redneck GPS'd (RGPS - is that a beaver hut...yup...better remember where that is) last trip.
Beaver hut = place to fish.  

At 9am I was at the spot.  Located a fishylookn spot and pitched in.  Nothing on the 1st attempt.  Moved a little further out into some trees in deeper water and found a spot that looked promising.  Made a cast AND hit my target...last trip I was off target by a foot almost every cast.  This is going pretty good!!  Then I saw the line moving away from the cypress tree.  Reeled down and set...fish on.  This is going pretty great!!!

Fishing was great...my photography skills need work. 1st fish at 9:05

Not a huge fish but it was a keeper and I had been fishing 5 minutes so I'm excited.  Plan seems to be working.  After I released this guy I didn't move far, found some shade and a group of trees.  Made another presentation...and THUMP...fish on.

Not going to bore anyone with all the details.  But the rest of the afternoon went as planned.  I had an idea where the fish were setting up and I executed well enough to catch some fish.

My favorite catch...those marking's are cool.

I think I had 13 bites and I caught 10...not a bad average.  But I'm still haunted by the one's I missed.  I lost 1 really small guy when I jerked him out of the water and over my head.  I had to duck to avoid getting bass slapped.  The other 2, I just blew the hook-set.

The bite was very soft last Friday and I didn't pick up on it until late in the afternoon.  Today, was the same but I was expecting it.  I watched for line movement rather then feeling a tug or thump.

Last fish of the afternoon, caught around 1pm.  Like Friday, it was the biggest and I never felt a thing.  Just saw my line swimming away.

Nothing beats time on the water when it comes to catching more fish.  Out of everything I learned Friday, the knowledge I value most is knowing that the more time I get out...the better my success will be.  I'm ok with putting in the time!!!!


  1. You're the best bass bugger I've seen online. Do you have instagram?

    1. No haven't gotten to that yet. Just got my FB page running. Between this and FB, I barely have time to fish. Need to get up to your neck of the woods and lip a few SM's...love them smallies.