Monday, August 18, 2014

Chasing the greenies

Last week my brother received a brand new Ascend kayak from his wife celebrating their wedding anniversary (awesome gift for those that need ideas).  On our last canoe trip, Ozark float post below, I let him know that I'd sink that canoe before I did a 12 mile float again in a he'd better get a kayak soon.  So when he called with excitement in his voice I knew what we had to do....I'll bring my kayak up Saturday and help him break it.  In good fashion he backed Thursday but once I'm that close to a trip, it's game on regardless.

Sticking to the plan I was up at 2am...I can never rest when I have bass brain.  Worse part of bass brain is the forgetfulness, lunch a few times, tackle, garage door a month ago...this trip I couldn't remember if I had locked the front door.  I was an hour into my drive so it didn't matter really but it started to bug me and then I couldn't remember closing the door...eventually it passed as I turned into the park and saw the lot empty.  The lake was empty and I was happy!!  I unloaded and paddled North.  I started with a ribbit frog.  10 minutes in and I heard that sound all frog throwers love to hear...deep hollow toilet flushing sound.  Eventually a 4lb bass was in hand.

Sorry about the poor quality, it was dark and I was fishing.

Very next cast and the same result, only it was 3lbs.  I was really thinking this was going to be a good day.  Few minutes later, fish on and then OFF.  Paddle to the next point and put the frog in a fishylookn spot...move it...swoosh!!!  On and off again!!!!  Now the sun is up and the frog bite went away.  Good thing b/c slinging a frog is hard on the emotions.

In 30 minutes I went from an incredible high to questioning why I ever go bass fishing.  The day wasn't all bad and it picked up slightly as some clouds developed.  I had to remind myself it was August and fishing is generally slow.

I pitched the edges of pads the rest of the afternoon.  Kept thinking that next thump could be a monster, you have to make yourself believe it or you'll miss the opportunity when it arrives.  Same advice for life in general.  But it never materialized on this day.  Oh well, I'll be ready next time!



  1. Nice fish!! If that's a slow day for you , you're doing allright. Just can't beat a good topwater bass bite that's for sure.

    1. Thx. I agree...I'm grateful for the opportunity to fish any catching is a nice bonus. But those 4 hours w/o a fish seemed to drag. Really it's the redfishing that makes bass fishing hard for me now.