Thursday, August 18, 2016

It was the night before Colordomas...

I haven't been on here much the last few weeks and wanted to fill everyone in on whats been happening.  A few months back, I was invited to tag along on a road trip to Colorado.  That trip heads out tomorrow.  It's a week long mix of DIY and a few days camping on the Colorado River with Yampa Valley Anglers.

Some new, some chewed

Since this will be my first trip to Colorado, I've been researching and tying a bunch of flies for the trip.  I plan on picking up a few from local fly shops when I get into town but I was so excited that I had to do something to keep from going crazy.  Here is a glimpse of the madness my wife and children endure on a daily basis.

Tying closet is out of control

I'm hoping to feed the trout a steady diet of streamers, hoppers and dry's but I've also checked the nymph box just in case.

Hope this is enough!


Sallies and attractor sallies

A couple streamers from today.

I learned to glue the eyes on after placing the head.

Those are just a few of the patterns I tied for the trip.  I left out the midge and soft hackle box.  Good thing we're driving or I'd be paying a fortune in baggage fees!  Now we'll see if they catch.  Keep up with this adventure on my Facebook page and Instagram.

Every pattern I tied I found at these YouTube sites (credit the source)



  1. You always seem to enjoy your roadtrips to the max. And since I just completed a western road trip, I am excited for you! Hope you can fill us in on some of the details while you're still on the road. Let us know which of those flies work the best, eh?

    Be safe and may you find the fish on the of you line.

  2. Colorado, eh? I've got a friend there who tells me there are no trout in Colorado. Don't forget your mmj card!