Thursday, June 5, 2014

New uses for the kayak

I didn't mention in my bio that I'm a very active person, I've completed 9 marathon's and various other extreme events .  I work out regularly, sometimes it's biking, running, lifting, etc.  That's one of the primary reason's I like fishing from my kayak and not my aluminum boat (reserved for outings with my family).  Well the last few weeks I have added a new fitness routine to my evening adventures.  I haven't named it yet, but here's how it works...fairly simple format.  I launch my kayak and fish for a few hours.
Dirt road around the lake.  Last weeks rain made it a little rough, good thing I have 4wd.

 When I get finished I beach the yak and run back to where I started.  Now sometimes that could be a 3 or 4 mile run after paddling a few hours or like last night it was about a mile (good thing b/c I ran 7 in the morning) so I sprinted back and my time was 6:30.  Just don't forget the running shoes.  This doesn't work at any lake but if you can find a road or trail to follow back it's a great reason to get out and fish with a little exercise on the side.  The lake I happen to use has a dirt road that follows the lake.  It's about 13 miles around.  I always hide my valuables before I start the run.  Give it a try and see what you think.

Caught 3 but this was the biggest.  Pulled away from a real heavy weight at the last minute.  Need more patience with the popper.


  1. Thanks Bill. I've really enjoyed reading yours and a few others over the past yr.