Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day on the Little Red River

Had to be in Central AR Thursday so I packed my 5wt and got up early Friday morning and headed to the river.  It was a beautiful start to the morning, cool temperatures and low units scheduled until I had all day to find a few Brown's.  Launched the cuda and paddled 2 miles up river.

A little fog on the river at 6am
Time to wade

It didn't take long to run into the stocker bows.  It seemed slow the 1st 2 hours only catching around 15 or so...which is slow.  The sun got high enough and I was able to see why, they were doing the dart back and forth dance, where they run to it and run away from it 3 or 4 times before disappearing.  I had a 9ft leader attached and knew it needed to be 12ft.  So I added 3ft of 3x and tied on an olive size 6 bugger with some flash and that was the ticket.  For the next 6 hours it was a catch fest.

You know it's going good when you can't keep count of the fish caught but know you lost more than you got.  Easily over 50 bows.  On the way I decided to try a black bugger and was rewarded instantly with this small brown.  Nice fight and quick release after a photo.  Ended up catching 3.
1st of the morning

2nd of the day

Last brown for this trip

It was a great day to be on the river.  Warm enough to wet wade a few places...the cold water was instant relief during the afternoon.  I need to get back to the LRR more often.  Those hard fighting browns are swimming in my brain for sure.  


  1. Dude- you caught some low water- way to go. Looks like a heck of a Little Red trip! I haven't had one like that in what seems like forever.

    1. Thx, the generation schedule has been awesome. I'm hoping to get back up there a few more times over the next few weeks.

  2. Great report, hope to one day fish the little red, have heard good things

    1. Thx. Hope you get the chance it's a nice little fishery.