Friday, July 21, 2017

Grass Carp fly pattern - One of my favorites.

Over the last few months I've gotten a lot of questions about the what fly I use.  Here's one that I've had some success using.  It's a simple leech pattern (took me longer to type this post than tie the fly) that I've talked about before.  It's not much different than any other leech pattern except I add a foam head to either keep it floating or slow the fall down.  This allows me to drop it right in front of a feeding grass carp and it slowly falls right in front of their face.  They can't resist that slow fall.

sz 6 Gama SL45 Bonefish hook
Black or whatever color head you want craft foam.  Cut to less than hook gap and 1.5 inches long.
UTC 70 thread or whatever you have.
Black Marabou (or any color you prefer) I do these in olive also.
Black Rabbit strip.
Saddle Hackle
Black Crystal flash - optional

Secure the hook in the vise. I pinch the barb on mine but forgot to do it for this post.

Put down a thread base.  Then tie on the rabbit strip.

 Tie in the foam.  Leave enough room at the eye to fold back and build a small head.

 Next up is the marabou

Matched to the same length or slightly less than the rabbit strip...couple lose raps then pull to the length you desire.  

 More marabou on the bottom.  Measured at about half of the rabbit strip.

Add some flash.  Tie in on one side then cross over and down the other side.  I avoid the loud or obnoxious flash.  I skip this step at times.

Tie in the saddle hackle by the tip.  Only 3-4 wraps.  I don't want the longer fibers found at the base.

 Here you can see it's just enough to give it a buggy look but not too much.

For the head just fold the foam back to the desired size you want.  I make them in a few different sizes.  Bigger they'll float at or on the surface.  Smaller they'll sink head up.

Whip finish over the foam.

 Finished and ready to fish.

I fish these either under a small pinch on indicator, as a dropper or alone.

Got questions post in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them.


  1. Hey Drew, nice looking fly. Do you vary the colors? I'm partial to green for something similar I've tied.

    1. Yes sir all the time. If you make it all olive and make the head larger it'll float like me appears like algae or lawn clippings floating on the surface. But that's just between me and you lol!

  2. Thanks for posting this, Drew. Its nice to see fly patterns that have caught a lot of Grass Carp and can work nearly anytime....not ones that match a seasonal seed or fruit "hatch".

  3. Ha, thought of this question after I posted the last comment....
    Do you throw this right near the fish's head, then let it slowly sink? Or do you more of a "cast beyond, drag and drop" to put it in the feeding zone without spooking the fish with the splashdown?

    1. I almost always try to cast this into the feeding zone. There are times I'll swim it up and let it fall but it's not as productive. Since it'll float for a second they don't seem to freak as bad....obviously, most still freak but a every one in a while they'll eat it.

  4. The simple patterns are always the best. Thanks for sharing.