Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Redfish on the fly video

The short video from last weeks trip into the marsh.  I had a great time, hope the video shows how much fun this trip was.  


  1. Superb video! You must have found them on a really hungry day. Love that shot of the one that doesn't quite take the fly then you flip a cast behind it, the fish turns around and nails it. Awesome footage!

    1. Thank you sir. Honestly, they seem to always be hungry. Just need to the conditions to line up so I can see them. Like you saw, if you can get something in front of one they'll usually eat. The real challenge is getting close enough to see w/o spooking them. There's a clip of me right beside one but it's not in view until I turn...

  2. Just keep doing what you're doing Drew. I may never get a chance to fish from a kayak or fish for Redfish, but I'm enjoying the hell out your trips!