Friday, January 23, 2015

Cast from the Past - Lake Chicot, Lake Village, AR (April 2011)

Suffering again...that didn't last long.  It's cold and raining here today.  Both girls are home sick. I'm dreaming of bass season.

8lb off a bed, look at the tail!! (cooler for drinks-CPR'd)
Had to leave the kayak at home b/c of the 30 mph winds but I have an aluminum boat for those days.  It was slow and the weather was brutal.  I almost swamped the 17ft alumacraft launching and loading the boat.  But I fished anyway.  Not a bite until 9am...and then it was really good until 10am.  Just had to pitch beside cypress and let the soft plastic sit...the bass would move it.  Here are the pics from the day.  All weighed and CPR'd.  22lbs of fish in about an hour of fishing...not a bad day.

3lb  - purple/black on shakey head

The area I fished was in sight of the boat ramp.  I've taken the kayak there a few other times and had similar luck.  The biggest issue with kayaking this lake are the winds.  You need to check the forecast and launch's an oxbow lake with little to no protection from North or South winds.  The best thing to do is launch on the protected side and fish that area of the'll have miles of shoreline covered in Cypress and boat docks.




Look'n forward to spring.  The good news is that can be as early as next month here in SEAR.  I'm ready!!!

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