Wednesday, July 29, 2015

PSA - save the fish

As the water and air temps get stupid hot, don't forget to revive any fish you plan to release.   It's something that should always be done....but especially important now.  A popular technique is holding the tail and slowly moving the fish back and the water!  Don't forget that part.  You'd be surprised.  When your victim is strong enough to swim away, on it's will.

A less popular method is "mouth-to-mouth".  Not sure how effective it is...but this guy made a bunch of money doing it, so I guess it's worth a try.


  1. Drew
    Spare me from kissing a fish, I like fish, but not that much!!!

    1. I won't say, "you'll never see me kissing a fish"...might lose a bet. AND, I love fish way too much to subject them to that and the public humiliation the fish has the endure after having it's picture posted all over the internet.

  2. I will not endorse Jimmy Houston or fish kissing but please revive your fish.